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mattandcaroline's Journal

Broken Souls - Matt/Caroline @ LJ
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Welcome to mattandcaroline a community for the ship Matt/Caroline from The Vampire Diaries.
Please read the RULES before you post.


1. Remember to stay on topic. All posts must be related to Matt/Caroline or the actors that portray them.
2. NO bashing of any characters or ships, keep it friendly.
3. Be civil to your fellow posters.
4. Remember to give your posts a subject and TAG them please. Full list of TAGS can be found HERE
5. Keep all spoilers behind a cut please.
7. All graphics larger than 300px in width should be put behind a cut please. Banner/wallpaper examples should be thumbnails.
8. If you're posting icons, please NO MORE than 4 teasers, the rest should be behind a cut.
9. If you'd like to promote a community please contact a mod to get approval. Communities should be relevant to the community's subject.
10. When posting fanfiction, remember to put it behind an LJ-cut. Fill this out:

11. Do not link to LOCKED posts please. Posts should at least be public for 3 days.
12. Have fun and get posting ;) If you have any problems or queries then feel free to contact your mod: born_butterfly

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